5 Website Mistakes You're Making

Posted by Jenna Britton

Sep 21, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Your website plays an important role in your sales, customers and attracting leads. It can make or break your business. Consumers make decisions based on their experience on your website.

Was it easy for them to find what they were looking for?

Evaluate your site. Find out if you are making these common mistakes, and learn how to fix them.

5 Website Mistakes You’re Making

  1. No calls to action (CTAS)

Calls to Actions WebsiteIf there are no calls to actions on your website, potential customers won’t necessarily know what action to take on their own. We need to guide them to the right page and convert them into customers.




HOW TO FIX THIS: What one action do you want a potential customer to take? Download a checklist? Click to contact us? Register for an event? Define whatever the action may be, and boost your conversion rates with a compelling call to action.

  1. It’s not all about you

Website Mistakes You're MakingYour website shouldn’t be all about how awesome you are. Customers want to know what's in it for them and how they can benefit from your product, service or event





HOW TO FIX THIS: Write copy letting potential customers know how you can help them, rather than focusing all about what your company or business does.

  1. Outdated design 

Websites should not only look amazing, but function and perform well for the user experience. If your website design is not mobile friendly, you are losing customers. Mobile devices are readily available to consumers who can access your website anytime and anyplace.

HOW TO FIX THIS: Build and design a responsive website that doesn’t look like it was built in the 1990s. It’s 2016 people, let’s get with the program.

  1. There is no trust

People want to know you are a credible company with experience. Customers are likely to stick around if you have “social influence.”

HOW TO FIX THIS: Post reviews and testimonials of your products or service on your website where they will be easily seen. If you want to go above and beyond, I recommend video testimonials as a more powerful tool

  1. You have not given customers a reason to come back

Give potential customers an incentive or reason why they should fill out your form and give you their information. Remember, they may be browsing your site for the first time, so give them a good reason to come back. 

HOW TO FIX THIS: In addition to calls to action, give potential customers a place to give you their email while they ponder your services. Give them helpful information in return and make sure you are retargeting them through pixel Facebook ads and following up through email marketing.

InnerAction Media

IAM builds marketing-driven websites that not only look great, but they perform great as a marketing tool. They are easily found online (SEO) and through mobile devices (responsive design), deliver valuable content, convert visitors into leads and leads into customers, and track every interaction your site has with your audience. That means you know who is interested in what product, where they found you, and what they’ve been looking at.

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Jenna Britton

Written by Jenna Britton

Jenna is a West Virginia University graduate with dual degrees in Graphic Design and Advertising. She specializes in print design and hand typography. Jenna previously worked on projects with clients such as the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Bruegger’s Bagels. Jenna also has global experience from completing an IMC study abroad program in China for a month. In her free time, she enjoys baking, going to the gym, and watching movies.

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