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Jayne joined the InnerAction Media team in October 2016 as a Content Developer and Graphic Designer. She comes from a background in Higher Education, having previously worked at Purdue University and West Virginia University. Jayne is also a yoga teacher in the Morgantown area and is an avid powerlifter.

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Do Billboards Work? Should Your Business Use Billboards?

Posted by Jayne Harris

Nov 9, 2017 3:42:20 PM

How many billboards do you see on your drive to work? What about driving from your office to the grocery store, or to pick up the kids from school?

The 2016 Neilsen Out-of-Home Advertising Study found that nearly half of U.S. residents age 16 or older (of those surveyed) travel in a vehicle for two hours or more on an average weekday. And they are paying attention to billboards while they’re driving or riding in a car.

80% of U.S. adults age 16 or older (of those surveyed) noticed a billboard in the past month, with 62% noticing a billboard in the past week. Fewer survey participants noticed a digital billboard — only 59%; however, only an estimated 1.7% of all billboards are digital.

Perhaps your company already utilizes billboards — or maybe you’ve been considering the investment for a while. Do billboards work better for certain industries? Should your business use billboards?

Read on to learn more.

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Why Compliance in Marketing is Important

Posted by Jayne Harris

Jul 25, 2017 9:20:20 AM

Business owners, brand managers, marketing directors and creatives — this one’s for you. When was the last time the word compliance was heard in your office? Probably not recently…if ever.

We often get so caught up in the creative aspects of our marketing and advertising jobs that we fail to consider the legal implications of the claims, disclosures and transparency of our copy. Marketing compliance is a big deal — it protects consumers from being tricked, misled or lied to by a business. Compliance laws also limit the information that companies can ask consumers for, regulate communications between consumers and businesses and protect consumer privacy.

In this blog, we assess the best practices for compliance in marketing, share how your marketing team can follow compliance guidelines and how you can avoid compliance issues.

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Choosing Colors for Your Healthcare Practice--Color Theory

Posted by Jayne Harris

Jul 6, 2017 4:33:05 PM

Color theory, the guiding principles for selecting colors that work in harmony, the message that colors communicate, why colors clash and how we perceive color — is incredibly complex.

Color is closely tied to memory and first impressions. For example, when you walk down the isle at the grocery store looking for a particular brand of cereal, you know the primary color on the box. Using color alone, you’re able to narrow the selection and find the brand and variety you want. It’s also crucial in creating the right first impression — research suggests that one of the main deciding factors in whether somebody likes or dislikes a new product is color.

Think about children and food. In the US, many foods marketed toward children have added colors. If a fruit candy was all white or beige, would children find it as appealing? Probably not. Color helps shape the perception of the product as “tasty” and “fun." Just like color can shape the perception of your business and office location.

Read on to learn how color affects the perception of your healthcare business — from your logo and website to the paint on the office walls.

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