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Why is B-Roll Important to Video Production?

Posted by Mackenzie Randall

Apr 27, 2022 7:41:51 PM

Picture this: You’re interviewing Mr. Bean about his coffee roasting company and he begins to wax poetic about the process of harvesting and roasting coffee beans. While his description is helpful enough, the imagery just isn’t sinking into your imagination.

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IAM Video Production Team Gives Two Ways to Create a Standout Video Ad in 2022

Posted by Mackenzie Randall

Jan 12, 2022 1:21:36 PM

Gone are the days where our only exposure to video advertisements is through television. 

I think most would agree that we now live in a time where it is perfectly normal for people to encounter at least one video ad on their mobile device every single day. 

This massive shift is largely due to the ever-growing amount of people using social media across the world.

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Creating Motion Graphics for Video

Posted by Mackenzie Randall

Jan 5, 2021 12:24:11 PM

What Are Motion Graphics? 

Motion graphics are elements such as text or a graphic design added to a video in post-production. They have various uses but are typically used to provide the audience with specific information in a visually exciting way.  

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