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Megan received degrees in journalism and communications media at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Indiana, Pa. Megan is responsible for creating content for all our clients, whether that be in the form of blogs, news releases, web or social media. She uses various social media platforms and HubSpot to increase client's brand awareness for their existing and potential customers. Megan also conducts interviews with clients to help tell their success stories that are published various ways.
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How to Improve Organic Search Performance: Complete a Content Audit

Posted by Megan Fox

Oct 9, 2018 3:16:50 PM

Have you performed a content audit on your website lately?

If not, you may want to invest the time to do so and continue to perform one annually.

Auditing your content is a good way to boost SEO and to better your content marketing efforts.

A content audit may be time consuming up front, but you’ll be able to determine:

  • Topics your audience prefers
  • Boost engagement in the future
  • Increase your SEO ranking and website visit metrics

Keep reading to learn how to conduct a content audit.

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What are Topic Clusters? New Website Architecture

Posted by Megan Fox

Jul 19, 2018 12:11:46 PM

Keywords. Those are what you previously based your web pages around. Long tail, descriptive keywords that summed up what you wanted users to find you by when using Google.

Today, that has changed. Keywords are still important, but they are evolving to adapt to ever changing search engines.

SEO is now switching to a topic cluster model. A single “pillar” page acts as the main hub of content for an overarching topic. Then, many content pages that are related to that same topic link back to the pillar page and to each other.

This linking action signals to search engines that the pillar page is an authority on the topic. Over time, the page may rank higher. The topic cluster model is a way of organizing a site’s content pages using a cleaner and more deliberate site architecture.

Keep reading to learn more about topics clusters.

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InnerAction Media Wins 2018 Telly Award on Behalf of Mon Health

Posted by Megan Fox

Jun 6, 2018 9:33:33 AM

We recently won a 2018 national Telly Award for our video production work for Mon Health!

The Telly Awards annually showcases the best work created within television and across video, for all screens. Receiving more than 12,000 entries from all 50 states and five continents, Telly Award winners represent work from advertising agencies, television stations, production companies and publishers from around the world.

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The Power of Lead Nurturing Through Email Marketing: Getting it Right

Posted by Megan Fox

May 8, 2018 2:00:00 PM

You have been getting a lot of traffic to your site; people are downloading your offers; they are converting into leads. Great! Now what?

You aren't going to let them stew in a segmented email list that never gets used are you? (I hope you said no.)

You're going to create fresh, tailored content in the form of an email campaign for each offer and nurture your leads until they make that closing sale, right? (RIGHT!)

Keep reading to learn best practices for lead nurturing emails, creating successful lead nurturing campaigns and different types of nurturing emails you should be using.

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How to Get Potential Customers to Open Your Emails

Posted by Megan Fox

Mar 16, 2018 10:58:50 AM

I’m sure you get millions of emails every day. I know I do. Half of them I delete. Heck, most of them I delete. But, which ones are the lucky, selective few I deem worthy to open?

For me, witty subject lines and emoji’s usually do the trick.

Below, I’ve outlined seven steps to help you make your email marketing efforts more effective and to get more people to open your emails.

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