Meredith Garner

Meredith, a graduate of West Liberty University, received her degree in Public Relations, minoring in Advertising. Meredith is responsible for assisting with the development of written and video content for clients and internal usage. She holds previous experiences from WVU, the West Virginia Black Bears, Walt Disney World and more. When Meredith is not blogging, promoting or developing content, you can find her at the gym, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee with a loved one, or outdoors exploring the Wild and Wonderful state of West Virginia.

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Is Social Media Marketing Worth It?

Posted by Meredith Garner

Feb 25, 2020 2:05:12 PM

According to HubSpot, social media marketing is the act of creating content to promote your business and products on multiple social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Anyone can post a picture on Instagram and get likes, right? Sure. But it takes the combination of creativity with strategy to develop an active social media marketing plan that drives the results you want for your business. 

People spend an average of three hours on social media per day; that includes 90.4 percent millennials, 77.5 percent Gen X and 48.2 percent Baby Boomers. 

That’s every single day; people are looking at, swiping past, or engaged in someone’s social media profile. There’s a lot of “noise” in the online world. You want to stand out. How do you get your audience to look at your social media messages and respond? With social media marketing, of course. 

Is it worth it? YES. Let me break that down for you:

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The Importance of Graphic Design for the Healthcare Industry

Posted by Meredith Garner

Jan 27, 2020 2:14:12 PM

Let me ask you something - when you’re scrolling through social media, and you see a post, do you look at the image or words first? 

Graphics are simple, easy and fun to look at. When you’re scrolling through your social media, instead of looking at the blocky text, it’s a lot more visually appealing to see an image, meme or graphic.

In the healthcare industry, you want to build a means for your audience to connect with you and create an active community. You want to stand out as a trustworthy practice or organization that your patients can join. You also want to have your voice and persona shared online to gain a more significant following to turn into leads hopefully. 

Well, graphic design can help you with that. 

Ready to learn why graphics are an essential component of your healthcare practice? Continue reading below. 

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