The Importance of Video in Marketing

Posted by Jim Matuga

Mar 12, 2013 10:41:00 AM

Marketing has and always will be defined as the processes for creating, capturing, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, and society at large. 

That definition is constant.  However, what that definition means for marketing agencies and their clients is continually changing. 

At one point marketing included advertising a company’s product in traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, and television commercials. While these are still utilized today, the attention to those media outlets has decreased substantially in recent years as consumers have more media options and less leisure time.  Social media brands such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others have exploded in growth recently and are engaging hundreds of millions of consumers each day...with content and social interaction.  

Today people want their news, sports, entertainment and other content fast and on-the-go. They look to modern media such as Internet websites and mobile-phone applications (apps) to entertain and inform them quickly. The challenge for marketing firms today is: How do we reach these potential consumers, keep their attention, and thoroughly deliver the right message for our clients? 

One significant answer is online video marketing.  According to a recent report done by comScore, more than 4 in 5 Internet users are consuming online video content in a given month.  Video, through the combination of audio and visual stimulus, increases consumer retention. A clear and concise video can be the difference between a product that is remembered and one that is forgotten upon the next click of a mouse. 

The best part is, American interest in online video is increasing rapidly.  The average time Americans spend watching online video jumped 23 percent in 2012.  Companies with a video-marketing strategy in place will be able to capitalize on this trend now and in the future. 

The use of an effective video-marketing strategy will separate clients from competitors.  A well-produced video will explain to customers who you are and what you offer.  When they look to purchase, they will look to the companies they know and understand. They will look to your company.   You have a great story to tell don't you?  Well, then tell it.  

Online video will also make your company more accessible to Internet users and more readily available through search-engines.  According to a 2012 study by Forrester, video pages have about a 50-times better chance of appearing on the first page in a Google search than text pages. 

Overall, video marketing is highly effective with relatively low costs. At InnerAction Media, we understand the necessity of implementing video in marketing, and we can help you develop a great strategy for your company or non-profit organization.  

Together Mike Arbogast and I (Jim Matuga) have more than 14 years of solid, proven experience in video production in online video, broadcast TV, and Cable TV.  We have vast experience from hands-on production to executive leadership roles in media...and we are expert story tellers.  Give us a call for a FREE consultation on how we can best serve your needs and help you grow your organization.  


 NOTE:  Special thanks to InnerAction Media intern from WVU Tom Terrarosa for contributing to this article. 

Jim Matuga

Written by Jim Matuga

Jim Matuga is the founder and President of InnerAction Media, a marketing agency in Morgantown, WV. His new book available on AMAZON, Marketing Matters, was inspired by his regular column in the State Journal. You can listen to his weekly podcast “Positively West Virginia” on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. He has extensive experience in leadership positions with West Virginia media companies, including newspapers, TV, cable, direct mail, radio, agency and digital.

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