Homebuilders: How you can start selling more homes. Now.

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Nov 22, 2013 3:25:00 PM

Homebuilders:How you can start selling more homes.Now.

 Thoughts from the RED Couch:  A blog by Jim Matuga, CEO inneractionmedia



Marketing your business as a Homebuilder without a plan, is like trying to 
build a house without...well...a plan.

If you're a homebuilder, chances are you are busy building homes.  

You want to sell more homes.  

Yet, you know that you need to do a better job marketing your company.  But who has the time?

Not only that...Where should you advertise?  How do you market to your most likely prospects?  How can you be sure your marketing dollars are working for you and aren't wasted?

You can’t have a discussion about marketing today without hearing the words “Inbound Marketing.”

It’s become a marketing industry buzzword that strives to differentiate current, digitally-based marketing efforts from traditional marketing practices.

In it’s purest sense, Inbound Marketing works to attract interested people - most often they are strangers to you - to companies by creating and distributing informational content to potential consumers when they are ready, thus earning their attention.

Traditional “Outbound Marketing” - often called interruption marketing, focuses more on “interrupting” people when they are focused on something else so that they pay attention to us when we are ready.

Inbound strategies have a better chance of being accepted by our target audience than “interruption” tactics. Think of all the direct mail, billboards, telemarketers, and salespeople knocking on your front door. How do you feel about all of that? Receptive? Disturbed? Irritated?

Inbound Marketing is the marketing of a company through various digital means such as:

white papers
case studies
social media marketing
other forms of content marketing


As Inbound Marketers, our job is to attract qualified “Leads” or “Strangers” to your website and help NURTURE them in our “marketing funnel” until they become a customer. We do this by educating, adding value, providing quality information and by creating easy, convenient pathways for the “Lead” to convert into a customer.

By contrast, cold-calling (cold-calling is dead, by the way) direct mail, sales fliers and newspaper inserts, spam, telemarketing and traditional print advertising are considered ‘outbound marketing.’

Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found online and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content. It’s also about earning trust from the prospect. Therefore, we must respect their time and not abuse the permission they have granted us to market to them.

We provide relevant, reliable and timely information to educate, convince and convert strangers into becoming valued customers.

That is what we at inneractionmedia call “Marketing that people love!”




It’s important for HOMEBUILDERS for the same reason it is important to the rest of the business world: We can only spend so many hours a day, talking to potential customers - people who want to build a new home - media, referral sources, and those we consider our target audiences.  With Inbound Marketing, the educational content we create and distribute is working for us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s there when our target audiences need what we have to say.

With inbound marketing, homebuilding professionals can spread their thoughts (blog), educational videos, or other content, in enough places so that it is available when their target audiences decide they are ready to make an appointment with someone to build their "Dream Home." It is a way for a Home builders to become viewed by their audience as the “EXPERT.”

Consumers do their research online to learn what they need to know so they are better armed when they start interviewing a builder to serve them. How do they become informed? EASY: By the content you have created and distributed just for that purpose.


Here are a few things to consider before starting your Inbound Marketing Campaign:

- Develop “Target Personas.” Who is it that you are trying to reach?
- You have to figure out what patients are looking for that matches what you have to offer.
- Determine how you should describe what you have to offer in terms your patients understand. What types of   questions do they ask you? That’s what you should write (blog) about.
 - Think about all the different ways you can create content that support what clients need and what you have. At iam - we love to utilize video to convey your message. People scan the web - but they will engage with compelling video.
-  Know where your prospects spend time so you can try to place your content in those places.
-  Create an Inbound Marketing plan that focuses on the constant, passionate delivery of relevant, timely content.
-  Create ways to bring a prospective patient into your “Funnel” and into a segmented email list once they arrive at your site.


How do you focus on the constant, passionate delivery of timely content? Here are six suggestions to help stay disciplined in your content marketing efforts:

Write to answer questions you are asked by clients and potential patients.
Have a central blog administrator that reviews and optimizes every blog.
Use an editorial calendar and write around a central theme each month.
Write as you speak; don’t force it.
Don’t forget about human interest blogs.
Share the impact and results.

When setting goals and objectives, you have to be realistic in your expectations of marketing tactics and efforts. It is important to remember that Inbound and Content Marketing are just the same as any other type of marketing.

Any marketing effort is not a sprint - It’s a marathon - perhaps an Ironman triathlon. Being impatient won’t get you anywhere but tired and burned out. However, the strategic, thoughtful, constant, passionate, relentless focus on the creation and distribution of good content will serve you much more effectively.

Until then...Happy home building!



Contact: Jim Matuga, CEO
InnerAction Media
Twitter: @jmatuga

About Jim Matuga: Jim Matuga is a 33 year resident of Morgantown, WV. He graduated from West Virginia University with a BS in Advertising from the Perley Issac Reed School of Journalism in 1988. He has extensive experience in leadership positions with media companies in newspaper (The Dominon Post), television (WBOY – 12NEWS), cable (Rutter Media), direct mail (VALPAK), radio and Internet. Jim is 48 years old and is active in board positions with the Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce, PACE Enterprises, Rotary Club of Morgantown, West Virginia BASS Federation and the West Virginia Miracle League.

About inneractionmedia: iam is a 2013 Telly Award Winning Advertising Agency and Inbound Marketing Agency with proven expertise in providing marketing communications to connect organizations with their target audience personas. We have vast experience in marketing hospitals, healthcare, energy, attorneys, law firms, construction, higher education, tourism, the "expert industry", technology, banking, retail and real estate sectors. We are headquartered in Morgantown, West Virginia and serve the Pittsburgh, PA DMA as our primary market. The company was founded in 2011 by Jim Matuga and Michael Arbogast.

The agency’s expertise encompass:

Strategic Marketing | Brand Strategy | HubSpot Inbound Marketing | Web Site Development | HD Video Production | Social Media Management | Google AdWords Marketing | Original Music Composition (Jingles)

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