How 2013 Transformed Digital Marketing

Posted by Allie Bonazzo

Dec 20, 2013 10:04:00 AM


Redefining Advertising: How 2013 Changed Digital Marketing

We were discussing today around the InnerAction Media offices today some of the amazing transformations we’ve seen this year in the marketing industry.

Of course we are all aware of the dramatic shift and focus on Inbound Marketing.  But there are a bunch of other amazing shifts going on in the marketing and advertising world that we think are important to take hold of.

That said, I stumbled upon this article written by a Google team member Yamini Gupta.  As you might know, InnerAction Media is a Google Engage partner.   As a company that specializes in digital advertising, digital video and Inbound Marketing, we tend to take notice of their content as it relates to our company.

I thought this article really hit home the point I was trying to make with regard to the marketing transformations of 2013.  I wanted to share this article with our readers.  So thank you Yamini.  This is well done.



Posted: Tuesday, December 17, 2013  by Yamini Gupta, Google Product Marketing Team

It was a great year for digital advertising. New technologies took off, helping brands, agencies and publishers reach today’s constantly connected consumers more easily and effectively than ever before. With budgets no longer being siloed, 20% of organizations incorporated digital into each marketing function, per a study by Adobe.

We compiled a few of the bigger changes in marketing and digital advertising in 2013, to see how far the industry has come along.

Redefining “creative”
New creative formats took center stage in 2013. Marketers invested more in social media and TrueView skippable video ad formats continued to grow on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.



Redefining “integrated”
The new 360 media plan cannot overlook digital and the sheer number of screens people interact with. In 2012, Google released some research indicating that people use 3 screen combinations a day. In 2013, this manifested itself in the form of increased investments in multi-screen campaigns.



Redefining “success”
Earlier this year, AdAge released some research indicating that 50% of display ads are not viewed, making advertising viewability a hot industry topic. Google’s viewability measurement solution, ActiveView, got MRC-accredited. Last week, Google announced that it would enable viewability-based buys on the Google Display Network. Engagement Rate was another hot metric in 2013, with Cost per Engagement pay models enabled for ad formats like Engagement Ads on the Google Display Network.

Posted by Yamini Gupta, Product Marketing Team

Allie Bonazzo

Written by Allie Bonazzo

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