Why Your Business Needs Buyer Personas

Posted by Allie Bonazzo

Jan 2, 2014 12:49:00 PM


The Importance of Buyer Personas
“If you persist in trying to be all things to all people, you will fail. The only alternative, then, is to be something important to a few people.”
-Seth Godin, Author of “We Are All Weird”

The goal of inbound marketing is to educate customers and prospects about the products or services you offer. Inbound marketing does NOT focus on selling. If you consistently provide valuable information, you will gain new leads and steadily increase the lifetime value of current customers.

The value of the information you provide is important, but it’s more important to pin-point your target audience first. A company could spend thousands of dollars on marketing efforts, but that does not mean they will see any results.

Seth Godin said it perfectly, “If you persist in trying to be all things to all people, you will fail. The only alternative, then, is to be something important to a few people.” The “few people” are exactly who you need to market to, but how do you do that effectively? The answer: buyer personas.

What is a buyer persona?
Buyer personas are defined as “semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer based on real data and some select educated speculation about customer demographics, behavior, patterns, motivations, and goals.” A well-developed buyer persona will you help your business reach ideal customers.

Buyer personas are NOT:                                                     
Specific real people                                
Influenced by technology changes
Target markets
Professional roles

Buyer personas show what your customer’s goals and challenges are. They also show personal and demographic information. Everything you do for your business MUST be tied to your buyer persona. You’re probably wondering how you can effectively create buyer personas that reflect your ideal customer. I’m here to tell you how:
Research—the only way to create accurate buyer personas is by doing research. You may think research is too time-consuming, but it is worth it for the end result. Interviewing or surveying your customers is a good start. Learn about who they are and what similar traits/habits they share.

Include relevant information in your research
Background—Where do they work?
What are their hobbies?
Goals—What goals do they have?
Challenges—What kind of challenges do they face? 
Your organization or business can brainstorm ways to help your customer achieve their goals and face their challenges.

Create Persona—Once the research is completed, you can create buyer personas. It’s completely okay to have more than one, as long as they accurately depict your buyers. It may even help to give them a “name” like “Manager Margaret” or “Homemaker Helga.” Once your personas are complete, you can anchor your marketing campaign. If later down the road you feel as if you’re still not hitting the nail on the head, change it a little. Alter it until it is perfect.
All of your marketing actions should reflect the personas you created.

As a result of new technologies, buyers are using more channels to find products than ever before. The future of your company relies on buyer personas. Make them great! If you need help creating accurate buyer personas, we can help you at Inneraction Media. Click the button below!



Allie Bonazzo

Written by Allie Bonazzo

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