Non-Profit Organizations are Benefiting from Inbound Marketing

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Sep 19, 2014 2:16:00 PM

Non-Profit Organizations are Benefiting from Inbound Marketing

Our marketing partner - HubSpot - recently released their annual report of inbound marketing "State of Inbound 2014." The report provides an overview of how companies are using inbound strategy and content marketing. The results provide interesting insight into the ongoing evolution of the modern marketing ecosystem.

The 6th annual report contains data gleaned from more than 3,500 marketing and sales professionals surveyed to uncover what marketing strategies and tactics they are using. One of the things I found so compelling is the diverse audience composition. You might assume that a Hubspot survey would be comprised of mostly Hubspot customers, but in fact the audience was a solid mix altogether:  Customers and non-customers, B2B and B2C, marketing & sales, as well as company size, industry vertical and job level.

What Do We Mean by "Inbound Marketing?"

Inbound marketing, a phrase first developed by Hubspot back in 2006, is defined as “a methodology that focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and product.”  Inbound is essentially pull marketing, as opposed to push marketing (cold calling, tradeshows, purchased lists...what Hubspot likes to call outbound marketing.)  As a philosophy, inbound marketing utilizes content marketing as the backbone.

Modern marketers that neither subscribe to Hubspot nor use the “inbound marketing” culture will definitely find the report completely relevant and enlightening.  The 54-page report contains a wealth of interesting statistics and findings, but several rise to the top as key takeaways from the research.  

Non-Profits and Inbound Marketing

While B2B seems to primarily get the inbound spotlight, non-profit organizations are seeing incredible results as well.  Non-profits are seeing inbound (58%) is responsible for procuring nearly twice as many leads as the roll-up of all other channels (31%). And in addition to non-profits’ success using inbound for lead generation, they also outperform B2B and B2C companies in ROI growth. 

Non profit inbound statistics

There are a lot of interesting finds in the "State of Inbound 2014" report.   Inbound marketing methodology (and everything associated with it) is not simply a fad or the flavor of the month; rather it’s a fundamental shift in marketing in response to today’s changing buyer. It is a revolution, for sure.

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Written by Jim Matuga

Jim Matuga is the founder and President of InnerAction Media, a marketing agency in Morgantown, WV. His new book available on AMAZON, Marketing Matters, was inspired by his regular column in the State Journal. You can listen to his weekly podcast “Positively West Virginia” on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. He has extensive experience in leadership positions with West Virginia media companies, including newspapers, TV, cable, direct mail, radio, agency and digital.

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