GLOgames Light it Up Basketball Light Kit Donated to Chestnut Mountain Ranch

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Dec 28, 2018 11:22:23 AM

Chestnut Mountain Ranch Receives Christmas Donation

This December, two GLOgames Light it Up basketball light kits were donated to Chestnut Mountain Ranch (CMR) by Jim Matuga, president and founder of InnerAction Media through the “Light it Up 4 Kids” and “Boxes for a Purpose” programs.

About GLOgames

Ruston Seaman is the managing partner of New Vision Renewable Energy and founder of GLOgames Basketball.

New Vision Renewable Energy, founded in 2009, is a Christian community development organization working to re-energize communities. It evolved from a rich 50-year history of ministry and development in rural communities in Appalachia and around the world.

“When we discovered putting LED lights on a basketball rim, the big deal was could we make it in such a way that it would be durable,” Seaman explained. “We have a $100 challenge to see if anyone can slam dunk it and pull it off all at the time time. There are lights on the inside and outside of the rim to maximize the light. It’s just enough light to enhance your ability as a shooter to see the rim.”

GLOgames Light it Up basketball light rim has two featured products this Christmas:

  1. A/C-powered Light it Up LED rim light
  2. Battery-powered rim light

This rim light fits on any basketball light rim and allows the basketball player to play throughout the night.

“After meeting with Ruston Seaman, who is the president of GLOgames, I immediately thought about Chestnut Mountain Ranch and how much the boys there would enjoy this,” Matuga said.

GLOgames Light it Up Basketball Light Rim 

What is Chestnut Mountain Ranch?

CMR is a christ-centered school and home for boys in crisisPartnering with their families, CMR pursues family restoration and reunification. Our educational program is geared to help children develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially. Learn more about CMR here.

“I think this a cool idea, and it will be a great addition to our night time activities,” said Bradley Clodfelter,  CMR’s program director. “It will encourage kids to be outside and active.”


Light it Up 4 Kids & Boxes for a Purpose

“Light it Up 4 Kids started as a random act of kindness; however, now we are hoping that will inspire others to also sponsor other children in need,” Seaman said. “For $50, a person can provide a Light it Up rim for one of 17 emergency shelter providers, which can provide beds for 106 children, aged seven to 18. Basketball is the most popular free time activity at the shelters, and adding a light to the court can provide kids with a new experience. Exercise and play are important tools of personal health, and the Light it Up product provides kids with another positive asset in an ocean full of negative possibilities.”

Light it Up 4 Kids is a simple sponsorship process where a gift of $50 will provide a rim light that will be installed in a youth facility and become available for kids to use.

Any person, group or civic organization interested in sponsoring a light or helping identify youth- centered organizations, can go online The first 17 facilities have been identified, and rims are starting to be sponsored and shipped for Christmas.

Call 304-457-2971 if you have more questions. Sponsor a Light it Up 4 Kids rim light here.  

Boxes with a Purpose provides Christmas Eve boxes of fun to children in foster care systems. Learn more about Boxes with a Purpose here.

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