How to Use Social Media for Healthcare Recruitment Advertising

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May 4, 2016 9:50:04 AM

What is the best way to use your website and social media to attract candidates for open Healthcare positions?

There are many ways to answer that question. Sure, you can hire a high-priced HR firm, you can run ads in the newspaper, you can target your audience through healthcare trade journals and so on.

At InnerAction Media, we are well versed in implementing strategic, cost-effective solutions to get results. Healthcare recruitment marketing is one of our sub-specialties.

Healthcare Marketing Done Right

Recently, we worked with one of our clients to launch a social media campaign and website strategy for a 200+ bed hospital and healthcare system.

The marketing team worked with HR and Physician Services to create a Physician Offices landing lage (on HubSpot COS) promoting available positions:

The landing page was promoted on social media, specifically Facebook and only $10 was spent promoting the page (see below).

Here are some key metrics:

  1. 2,696 people visited the website landing page.
  2. Of those 2,696 visitors, 634 of them visited our form submission page to learn more information.
  3. 112 people filled out the "Contact Us" form requesting more information.  Those 112 consisted of:
    • 1 Physician Assistant
    • 4 Nurse Practitioners
    • 16 RNs
    • 21 LPNs
    • 24 Medical Assistants
    • 2 Clinical Assistants
    • 44 Office/Receptionist/Billing/Registration

HR contacted every person who submitted information.  The form was deactivated after one week due to the “overwhelming response.”

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InnerAction Media and Inbound Marketing

Remember--it’s not just about using social media. It’s about using it, in this case Facebook, to drive the target audience visitor to a landing page on your website.

Then, by using a compelling message, they will want to take action.  Take an in depth look at how landing pages in a previous blog of ours here.

It’s pretty simple, yet at the same time, takes a lot of experience, coordination, time and know-how to be effective and get the results you are looking for. I hope this helps you in your healthcare recruitment efforts.

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Written by Jim Matuga

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