Is Marketing Still Relevant Post-COVID-19?

Posted by Dylan Sheldon

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May 29, 2020 4:00:02 PM

We are all well aware that the world is changing. The problems your customers wrestle with are changing. The solutions you can offer them are changing. So the question, "is marketing still relevant post-COVID-19" is a good one.


The good news for small and medium-size business owners is, the answer is yes. Now more than ever, a good marketing strategy is going to pay dividends for your business. As the world and our country specifically, begin to open back up, consumers are left with many questions regarding the market they find themselves in. Questions such as: 

  • Is it legal to visit this business?
  • Is that business even open?
  • Can I purchase the products I need here?

Although most consumers are eager to "get back to normal," the reality is, "normal" does not exist right now, and extraordinary marketing messaging is now essential.

In January 2020, your marketing message should have focused on solving the problems your consumers had then. Now, their problems have changed. They don't know who is open. They don't know who can help them receive the products and services they need. Your messaging should now be geared towards addressing those problems. Messages such as "we are open" and "here to serve you" are more necessary than ever.

Marketing is undoubtedly relevant post-COVID-19, and it could be the difference between a speedy recovery and a deadly blow.

Dylan Sheldon

Written by Dylan Sheldon

Dylan was raised in North Central West Virginia. He received a degree in broadcast communications with a specialization in cinematic arts from Liberty University in December 2013. Dylan delights in helping clients craft their stories in an effort to make sincere connections with their audience through the use of film. His experience in video production includes co-founding a marketing agency in 2012 and producing/directing several campus promotional pieces for the University. Dylan is a lover of frisbee, cheesy action movies and protein. He enjoys being outside with his wife Kelsey and their pup Scoop.

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