Law Firm Marketing: 3 Ways Attorneys Should be Using Video

Posted by Dylan Sheldon

Jun 22, 2017 3:18:33 PM

Whether you have a single attorney practice or a large firm, undoubtedly you are concerned about things such as new client acquisition, settlement increases and public reputation. Why not leverage a marketing tool like video to be successful in all three of these areas?

Video is quickly becoming an essential part of any successful marketing endeavor. And attorneys across the country are producing videos of all kinds in an attempt to aid their firms. But simply throwing a camera on a tripod and pressing record isn’t going to do the trick. There are three specific types of videos that law firms are using to greatly increase their client base, settlements and overall revenue.

Anthem Films

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have someone on staff whose primary responsibility was to sell your services to your ideal clients? Someone who could explain the essence of your firm, highlight your strengths and form relationships with potential clients twenty-four seven? It would be great.

The good news is, that is exactly what an anthem film is. An anthem film is a two to three minute video that focuses on delivering your key messages to your target audience in a powerful, concise format. It focuses on the issues your potential clients are facing and presents the solutions you are able to offer. Think of it as your elevator pitch…on steroids.

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An effective anthem film will include a call-to-action, leaving your viewers feeling motivated to take action. Ultimately, this type of video production is focused on new client acquisition.

 “Area of Practice” Films

Most likely your law firm has some specific areas of practice that are your primary focus. Maybe they correlate with the issues facing the people in your region, maybe they happen to be the areas you did concentrated study in, or maybe they just generate the most revenue for your practice. Regardless, if you plan to pursue these areas of practice more vigilantly, you need to create some “area of practice” films. Area of practice films focus on the specific issues your potential clients face and the specific solutions you offer.

For example, if you create a film for “Personal Injury,” you might explain the common issues people face in these cases. Not only are they injured, but medical bills are piling up, insurance companies are calling night and day, and they are unable to go into work for an extended period of time. Subsequently, you would explain the ways you are able to help. How you will take care of the insurance companies and work to settle the case in a timely manner.

The key is focusing on the problems and solutions of a particular area of practice. This will resonate more deeply with a person facing the specific issue you are addressing than a more general anthem film. This type of video production is also primarily focused on client acquisition.

Day-in-the-Life Films

Since it’s conception, video has been used in law. Initially, in a more primitive way, as a form of evidence and over time as a pillar in law marketing. More recently, video has been used by attorneys in the court room in the form of day-in-the-life films.

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Day-in-the-life films are similar in content to testimonials, but serve the purpose of explaining the full extent of a situation rather than promotion. They walk viewers through a story, explaining in detail the situation a client has found themselves in an attempt to promote justice and reach a settlement. These videos are first used in a court room as part of a case but can certainly be used in other forms for marketing purposes online. Day-in-the-life films are a fairly new concept in law but are quickly gaining steam. Unlike anthem films or area of practice films, this type of video production is created with the main purpose of reaching settlements. They are used secondarily as a means to acquire new clients.

Video Tips for Law Firm Marketing

As previously mentioned, it will not suffice to simply throw a camera on a tripod and press record. Video marketing, in any instance (especially law), needs to be done with intentionality and professionalism. Here are a few tips when attempting to produce one of the aforementioned films:

  • Film in 1080p HD
  • Use a professional microphone
  • Write (and stick to!) a script
  • Use plenty of B-roll or beauty shots
  • Talk about issues your potential clients are facing, not just yourself
  • Keep it short and to the point

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At InnerAction Media, we work with law firms of all sizes to increase their client base, settlements and overall revenue. We especially love helping practices create compelling, effective videos. If you would like to learn more about how we are helping law firms like yours get better results through video marketing, give us a call!


Dylan Sheldon

Written by Dylan Sheldon

Dylan was raised in North Central West Virginia. He received a degree in broadcast communications with a specialization in cinematic arts from Liberty University in December 2013. Dylan delights in helping clients craft their stories in an effort to make sincere connections with their audience through the use of film. His experience in video production includes co-founding a marketing agency in 2012 and producing/directing several campus promotional pieces for the University. Dylan is a lover of frisbee, cheesy action movies and protein. He enjoys being outside with his wife Kelsey and their pup Scoop.

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