Law Firm Marketing: When Looking for Help, Prospects Search Online First

Posted by Jim Sweezy

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Apr 25, 2017 2:18:39 PM

Written by Jim Sweezy |

Not long ago there was a tremendous reluctance for attorneys to embrace law firm marketing. Whether it was the idea that any form of advertising violated their code of ethics, or that marketing one’s firm simply trampled traditions, the legal profession long resisted the development of a comprehensive marketing approach.

Once legal advertising became more acceptable, attorneys began placing their ads on any and all portions of yellow-page advertising. They bought billboards. And then came the great migration to television, where, according to a study by the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform, Law firm spending on TV ads has been rising six times faster than overall spending during the last eight years.

While television remains a favored media option of attorneys, where do people actually turn when they need a lawyer? A and Thomson Reuters study found that 38 percent of respondents said that they use the Internet first when searching for an attorney. 29 percent would ask a friend or relative first. For a profession that long relied on word-of-mouth and referrals, it is a reflection of the times we are in that most would now opt to go online first.

What are these potential clients looking for when they go online?  What do they want to know about your firm?

  • Can you be trusted? Do you have chronicled successes? Make sure you back up your claims with facts. Are there testimonials of satisfied clients?
  • Do you have (the right) expertise? The more specific your competency matches their need, the more likely they are to become a client.
  • Is your firm a thought leader? You need to show base competency, but that you are up-to-date on relevant legal matters.
  • Can they find you? Can you be found online? Visibility is key and if you aren’t on the first page of their Google results, you won’t likely be helping them. 

Online searches are the fastest and easiest method a person has for finding a legal solution. A firm that doesn’t have a strong online presence is just giving up those potential clients to their competitors that do.

Five Elements of a Strong Online Presence

By developing a comprehensive approach to your online marketing, you can assure that your practice is properly positioned to attract more than your fair share of new clients to your law firm.

  • Law Firm MarketingProperly Optimized Website - The foundation of your online strategy, a properly optimized website makes sure you can be found by your prospective clients.
  • Email Marketing – Provides the ability to begin and maintain conversations with your prospects, deliver educational content and convert them to clients.
  • Social Media Strategy – Define how your practice attracts new clients by connecting with your prospects on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
  • Content Strategy – Video, Blogs and Social Media posts are all forms of content that drive communication with your prospective clients.
  • PPC Campaign – While organic search takes time, Pay-per-click campaigns get you to the top of search results immediately and attracts targeted traffic to your website.

Not sure where to turn?  Give us a call at InnerAction Media and we’ll help get started by providing a FREE Digital Marketing Audit.  We develop strategies for law firms and would love to help you get more clients.  Find out more below.

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We look forward to talking to you and developing a digital marketing strategy to take your business to the next level.


Jim Sweezy

Written by Jim Sweezy

Jim is a lifelong resident of West Virginia and graduate of West Virginia University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing. He brings more than 25 years experience in media sales and management to his role as the IAM and partner for Thank the Monkey Senior Strategist. Jim excels at message creation, strategic plan development and event marketing. He is an avid Mountaineer fan and volunteers with Operation Welcome Home.

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