InnerAction Media Expands Staff to Meet Production Needs

Posted by Megan McLean

Dec 18, 2018 10:30:18 AM

Our company recently expanded our staff to keep up with production needs.

Jim Matuga, InnerAction Media (IAM) president and founder, hired Kasey Kupec, Megan McLean and Eric Tomlinson.

Each of these three new employees will bring their skills and talents to IAM.

“As we continue to grow as an agency, it’s important to attract and retain the highest level of talent we can to serve our customers well,” Matuga said. “This new round of hires for IAM helps us deliver the highest level of expertise and professionalism to our customers.”

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Small Business Marketing: How to tap into that Market

Posted by Jennifer Livingston

Dec 11, 2018 4:44:23 PM

Despite hearing a lot about digital marketing, your small business might not have benefited from it. You’re not alone. Companies everywhere struggle simply because they have not succeeded in digital marketing.

Believing that digital marketing is a magic cure-all can lead you into a trap and set you up for disappointment. Instead, have realistic expectations, plan on investing a lot of time, money, and effort to get the results you want.

The following tips will help you tap into the digital marketing market in ways that lead to sustainable growth.

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AI, Blockchain and Cloud (ABCs): Benefits for Communicators

Posted by Alicia Mayle

Dec 4, 2018 2:15:23 PM

On November 30, I attended an event at the West Virginia University Media Innovation Center at Evansdale Crossing called ABCs: Benefits for Communicators, which was lead by Jacelyn Swenson, a leader in strategic partnerships and events on the IBM Corporate Communications team.

During this event, Swenson discussed:

Read on to learn more about the event, and how AI, blockchain and cloud can help you enhance your brand, generate earned media and better engage with your consumers.

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TV Commercial Production: Finding Captivating Stories in the Mundane

Posted by Liza Heiskell

Nov 20, 2018 3:38:57 PM

Now more than ever, I love commercials – in particular, commercials that tell a story.  I’m that person that puts down their phone to watch the commercial in between the big game or TV show.  Telling a really good story in 30 to 60 seconds is an art, and I admire the creatives who do it so well.

As a video producer of TV commercials and web videos, I find inspiration in those commercials that I love. I think about what has touched me, what has made me laugh, cry or inspired me and try to incorporate those elements into our commercial and video productions at InnerAction Media.

In the last few years, we have seen some really great TV and Internet advertising campaigns, and I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites and what I believe makes them effective:

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Jobs for Life Video Produced for Christian Help With Robinette Legal Group Donation

Posted by Alicia Mayle

Nov 13, 2018 9:26:25 AM

InnerAction Media (IAM) recently produced a Jobs for Life (JFL) video for Christian Help with a philanthropic donation from Robinette Law Group.

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