The Importance and Effectiveness of Client Testimonials

Posted by Dylan Sheldon

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Aug 28, 2015 3:06:18 PM

Your Clients Should be Your Best Salespeople

We all know that one coworker/friend who constantly pushes their most recent agenda. It's almost as if the space in their head that once housed normal brain functions is now consumed with the need to convert others and promote their cause.

  • “You HAVE to try this new Thai place downtown!”
  • “I absolutely love the Galaxy S5. You NEED one!”
  • “Come to my CrossFit box, the results are AMAZING!”

Though you may not realize it, their condition is evidence of a very real marketing approach. Their “agenda” is actually based on an authentic experience and an outpouring of the positive relationship, which has been established with the brand. In a way, they have become spokespeople of the companies they love.


By no means is this an earth-shattering principle. Its a business technique that has been utilized long before the first publication of Forbes.

  • Canon makes camera
  • Videographer buys Canon camera
  • Videographer loves camera
  • Videographer tweets about camera
  • More people buy Canon camera
  • Cycle repeats.

Of course there will always be a need for internal salespeople, but the support of your clients is invaluable. Empowering your clients to promote your brand can mean more sales and better client relationships. You get the best of both worlds. Give your clients a cause they can get behind, and they will give you a task force of ruthlessly persistent promoters.


So what does a business owner/marketing director do with this information? Two things.  The first thing may prove more difficult than the latter.

  1. You have to cultivate a business model that places the experience and relationship of the client at the foundation. This is a must. If your clients do not love your services, they wont publicly praise you. This can be done by placing a focus on solving the issues your clients face, offering education without expectation and displaying a genuine desire to walk through life with them for the long haul. Once this is achieved, sit back and watch the fruits of your labor flourish. As your services continue to add value to the daily lives of your clients, their love for your service will mature exponentially. But their promotion does not have to be limited to word of mouth.
  2. The second thing you must do is give them a platform to share their love for your brand. This would most naturally occur as a testimonial on a social medium, website, or video. 

InnerAction Media

As an avid consumer and producer in the marketing realm, I see the effectiveness of testimonials in a very real way! When used as video hosted on a web page, testimonials advocate for your company tremendously.

According to Social Media Today, landing pages that included videos see an 86% increase in conversions. Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing, with a rating of 89%.

At InnerAction Media, we rely heavily on testimonials in our own marketing and branding efforts. An effective testimonial has no sales pitch. It tells an honest story of a consumer’s problem and what the brand did to save the day. And just like that, you have a new salesperson. No job postings, no awkward interviews, no Worker’s Comp Insurance!

Some of the most compelling testimonials we tell here come from cancer-survivors, first-time-home-buyers and folks recovering from life-changing surgery. But anyone can give an interesting testimonial! Look for clients who fit the description of your target audience, those who have experienced an excellent result due to the service you provide and most importantly, people who have verbally professed their passion for your brand.


A behind the scenes shot of a recent testimonial video shoot 

If the idea of creating testimonials for your company seems foreign or just plain impossible, give us a call. 


To see testimonials we have created click here.  To learn more about us and our team, visit our site!

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Dylan Sheldon

Written by Dylan Sheldon

Dylan was raised in North Central West Virginia. He received a degree in broadcast communications with a specialization in cinematic arts from Liberty University in December 2013. Dylan delights in helping clients craft their stories in an effort to make sincere connections with their audience through the use of film. His experience in video production includes co-founding a marketing agency in 2012 and producing/directing several campus promotional pieces for the University. Dylan is a lover of frisbee, cheesy action movies and protein. He enjoys being outside with his wife Kelsey and their pup Scoop.

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