4 Tips for Using LinkedIn in Digital Marketing

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Nov 2, 2017 4:55:30 PM

The marketing strategies of the past have quickly come and gone. From receiving news the next day from someone shouting, “extra, extra, read all about it!” to being notified by any number of devices within minutes of it happening. Digital marketing and media has really changed the world. 

Digital marketing is quickly growing, and with the constant, rapid advancements in technology, it seems to be evolving at a more advanced rate than ever. It has completely changed the framework in which companies attempt to reach their target audience, even just in the last 10 years. With the use of digital marketing, it allows your company to engage with customers on a much more frequent, personal basis. Having the ability to respond to customer questions and concerns and gives the opportunity to share positive feedback over a platform that is being seen by an entire, possibly new audience.

Tip for Using LinkedIn

It’s easy to see now why the use of social media through marketing strategies is being adopted more and more.

It is:

  • faster,
  • more user friendly
  • adaptable
  • efficient while also providing feedback



Creating a digital marketing strategy which incorporates social media is imperative for success. Having a strategy gives a general direction to follow in terms of providing an objective for the use of the digital marketing plan and what exactly is hoped to be accomplished from it. Once the strategy is in place, it also helps optimize overall performance because it frees up time to review things such as analytics. This helps gain a more accurate look at how the strategy is performing.

While brainstorming for the company’s plan of attack, it is important to consider all possible social media platforms that can contribute to the success of the marketing plan. One of the most undervalued, yet useful platforms is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has become a major part in how people market business to business. It’s advantageous because according to Brandon Doyle in an article written on the website Business to Community, LinkedIn is actively used by over 135 million professionals across the world. That’s why if you haven’t already considered utilizing LinkedIn, the time is now. 

Applying a new aspect to the company’s strategy can be tough, even a little nerve-racking at first. That’s alright, don’t sweat it. The learning curve that comes along with it is natural, yet worth it. Sometimes, the hardest part is just getting started.

Top 4 Tips for Using LinkedIn in Digital Marketing 

  1. Create a Page that Portrays a Positive Online Presence
    • Through the photos posted, info shared, and posts created, be sure that the page creates a presence that displays the company’s ideal image to the customer. 
  2. Engage for a loyal audience
    • The best customers are repeat customers. While the old way of marketing was through creating content that is mass distributed to an audience without any real, tangible feedback. Through LinkedIn, the content that is being created and distributed to an audience of people, who through social media, also have an audience. 
  3. Run Paid Ads
    • A great way to ensure that your company will be seen is to pay for ad spaces on pages.
  4. Back to the Drawing Board
    • After a set period of time it’ll be important to review and analyze how the marketing plan has performed thus far. Once reviewed, it will help propel you in the next steps to follow. 

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Austin Jones

Written by Austin Jones

Austin Jones is a 20-year old sophomore at West Virginia University. He is an aspiring entrepreneur studying strategic communications. At IAM, Austin develops blog posts for our clients, manages social media accounts and nurtures clients through email marketing. In his spare time, he has a passion for health and fitness.

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