Is Marketing Still Relevant Post-COVID-19?

Posted by Dylan Sheldon

May 29, 2020 4:00:02 PM

We are all well aware that the world is changing. The problems your customers wrestle with are changing. The solutions you can offer them are changing. So the question, "is marketing still relevant post-COVID-19" is a good one.

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What Is The Website Development Process at InnerAction Media?

Posted by Eric Tomlinson

Feb 18, 2020 4:10:23 PM

All website developers have their process when taking on a new client. We, at InnerAction Media (IAM), are no different. At IAM, we take pride in our process and feel it makes the process smoother while also allowing us to focus on details that, without it, could be lost along the way.

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New Partnership With WV News Changes Future Of Media In West Virginia

Posted by Jim Matuga

Jan 22, 2020 9:43:29 AM

A few weeks ago, Morgantown - based InnerAction Media (IAM) and Clarksburg-based WV News announced a new partnership arrangement. The two companies, headquartered in West Virginia, are now combining efforts to help companies in West Virginia as well as other states effectively market and advertise themselves to their targeted customer base.

The capabilities that will now be available to West Virginia companies through this new partnership is unprecedented in the Mountain State.

A few of the essential items of distinction and opportunities that are now available to your company is the ability to:

  • Develop a data-based marketing strategy (Marketing Blueprint)
  • Create compelling messaging with video, digital and traditional media formats
  • Deliver marketing messages via organic, native and paid media amplification – with more than 2 million page views per month through our proprietary distribution network
  • Measure your ROI with detailed marketing analytics and Google Certified team
  • Deploy marketing automation with the only HubSpot-certified agency in West Virginia

Now all with one company – InnerAction Media.

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InnerAction Media and WV News Announce New Partnership

Posted by Jim Matuga

Dec 20, 2019 3:00:00 PM

Morgantown - based InnerAction Media (IAM) and Clarksburg-based WV News today announced a new partnership arrangement. The two companies, headquartered in West Virginia, will be combining efforts to help companies and organizations in West Virginia as well as other states effectively market and advertise themselves to their targeted customer base.

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10 Essential Questions Your Marketing Should Answer

Posted by Jim Matuga

Apr 25, 2019 2:04:27 PM

Last week, in a meeting with a new client in Charleston, West Virginia, my team and I had a great on-boarding meeting with their team.  The new client is a very reputable 20-year company in the commercial construction space.  I had a few key take-aways from that meeting that I wanted to share with you.

The context of this meeting was the initial phase of our “Marketing Blueprint” that we use to discover the strategic audiences and key messaging to base our marketing plan on.

This was our team’s first official meeting with their team, and overall the session was very productive.  One of the many take-aways from my perspective, was our client’s comments about the significance and relevancy of the questions we asked to really uncover the story of the client.  “Your questions are spot-on!” He said several times that morning.  

So, in that spirit – I share with you the exact questions we developed for this project – as part of our company’s Marketing Blueprint and BrandStory process. 

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