The Follow-Through Means Everything

Posted by Jim Matuga

Aug 7, 2019 10:21:06 AM

Last week in my mastermind group, the question of “What does it take to be a great networker?” came up.  When the facilitator turned to me for my answer, without hesitation, I said: “Follow-through.”

So, now I’d like to elaborate on what I mean by follow-through.

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InnerAction Media Becomes Gold Tiered Through HubSpot

Posted by Megan McLean

Nov 6, 2018 10:37:15 AM

InnerAction Media (IAM), West Virginia’s only HubSpot Certified Marketing Agency, recently became gold tiered!

Recognizing agency partners who have brought inbound messages to the greatest amount of clients and who have held excellent standards with their inbound marketing services is the purpose of the HubSpot Partner Tier program.

IAM President and owner, Jim Matuga, Strategic Content Coordinator and Office Manager, Megan Fox, and Social Media Manager, Alicia Mayle, each completed the certification.

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INBOUND18 Recap: My Top Inbound Marketing Takeaways

Posted by Jenna Britton

Sep 18, 2018 10:25:27 AM

The INBOUND18 Conference has come and gone. INBOUND is an opportunity for marketers to join together for a week to learn, collaborate and grow. Over 21,000 people attended this year’s conference! 

I had the privilege to attend INBOUND16 and was excited to return to Boston for jam packed marketing sessions, inspiring keynote speakers and not to mention, the amazing food trucks.

I’m thrilled to bring back insightful knowledge and tactics to West Virginia and put them to use to help our valued client/partners.

Learn my top takeaways from the sessions I attended, which include:

  • How obtaining Google Snippets can up your SEO game
  • Strategies for SEO in 2018
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Visual Storytelling

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What is HubSpot and Why Should A West Virginia Business Care?

Posted by Jim Matuga

May 18, 2018 8:00:00 AM

If you’re a marketer today, chances are great that you’re familiar with the company brand HubSpot. 

A question I get asked quite often is, “What the heck is HubSpot?”

You’ve inevitably seen their blog content, digital ads or material published on LinkedIn. 

But do you know what HubSpot really is?

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Marketing for Your Small Business: Does It Make Sense?

Posted by Jennifer Livingston

Oct 3, 2017 10:29:05 AM

Econsultancy reported that 78 percent of business owners oftentimes wish that their conversion rates were better. In a look at reports published by Advanced Web Ranking on clickthrough rate comparison, it was shown that a clickthrough rate of just about 34 percent is commonly obtained by the very first result of any query in particular.

Being that so many brands are poised to take even greater competition in coming years to win the commitment of a new generation of adult consumers, the need for better conversions and clickthrough rates in marketing has spurred no shortage of investment in stronger marketing methodology.

While there certainly multiple ways to go about crafting an effective marketing campaign, many reports on successful marketing campaigns are at least marginal testaments to the power of simplicity. A marketing plan doesn't need to be complicated to be successful; on the contrary, the opposite more often turns out to be true.

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