Law Firm Marketing: 3 Ways Attorneys Should be Using Video

Posted by Dylan Sheldon

Jun 22, 2017 3:18:33 PM

Whether you have a single attorney practice or a large firm, undoubtedly you are concerned about things such as new client acquisition, settlement increases and public reputation. Why not leverage a marketing tool like video to be successful in all three of these areas?

Video is quickly becoming an essential part of any successful marketing endeavor. And attorneys across the country are producing videos of all kinds in an attempt to aid their firms. But simply throwing a camera on a tripod and pressing record isn’t going to do the trick. There are three specific types of videos that law firms are using to greatly increase their client base, settlements and overall revenue.

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Law Firm Marketing: When Looking for Help, Prospects Search Online First

Posted by Jim Sweezy

Apr 25, 2017 2:18:39 PM

Written by Jim Sweezy |

Not long ago there was a tremendous reluctance for attorneys to embrace law firm marketing. Whether it was the idea that any form of advertising violated their code of ethics, or that marketing one’s firm simply trampled traditions, the legal profession long resisted the development of a comprehensive marketing approach.

Once legal advertising became more acceptable, attorneys began placing their ads on any and all portions of yellow-page advertising. They bought billboards. And then came the great migration to television, where, according to a study by the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform, Law firm spending on TV ads has been rising six times faster than overall spending during the last eight years.

While television remains a favored media option of attorneys, where do people actually turn when they need a lawyer? A and Thomson Reuters study found that 38 percent of respondents said that they use the Internet first when searching for an attorney. 29 percent would ask a friend or relative first. For a profession that long relied on word-of-mouth and referrals, it is a reflection of the times we are in that most would now opt to go online first.

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Law Firm Marketing in WV: How to Get on the First Page of Google

Posted by Jayne Harris

Mar 9, 2017 12:16:37 PM

People need legal services — whether a legal issue with an employer, car accident or divorce. People count on you to guide them through their legal issues, serving as their primary advocate, confidant and authoritative legal counsel. With so much at stake, your services are vital to your clients and their families. Even though your services are indispensable, you should still be marketing your services to differentiate your firm from the competition.

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Inbound Marketing for Lawyers

Posted by Megan Fox

Aug 18, 2014 10:53:00 AM

What exactly is Inbound Marketing?  You have probably heard the phrase.  If you are a Lawyer, you may be wondering can Inbound work for me?  I hope to help answer that question now

Inbound Marketing in its simplest explanation is:  The easiest way to connect your potential clients with with your practice.  

Inbound Marketing is customer centric.  Meaning, the content created for clients is distributed when they are ready to listen.  Outbound Marketing is the traditional style of marketing and is focused around interruptive ads, and is distributed to people when companies are ready for their voice to be heard.  Most times, this approach does not work as well as it did say 10 years ago.  Customers do not want to be sold to, and want to come to a company at their own convenience when they are ready.

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Why is Inbound Marketing Important For Law Firms and Lawyers?

Posted by Jim Matuga

Oct 4, 2013 4:51:00 PM

What Is Inbound Marketing?  Why Is Inbound Marketing Important For Lawyers and Law Firms? 

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