Premier Granite Company Video Production Case Study: Bad Lizard Granite & Quartz

Posted by Liza Heiskell

Jan 8, 2020 10:27:33 AM

InnerAction Media recently began working with Bad Lizard Granite and Quartz out of Clarksburg, West Virginia. Bad Lizard is a granite and quartz countertop fabrication and installation company owned by Johnnie Rominger and Trevor Flanagan. 

Rominger and Flanagan have been friends for years, and both worked in the construction business for many years. Through their work in construction, they found there was a lack of quality when it came to countertop fabrication and installation. They decided to go out on their own to form Bad Lizard in 2014.

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2019 Video Marketing Trends

Posted by Dylan Sheldon

Jan 8, 2019 1:48:02 PM

At InnerAction Media, we help businesses take advantage of real marketing opportunities with the goal of increasing leads, customers and revenue.

One of the most effective ways we accomplish this is by crafting powerful videos.

Like every facet of marketing, video is constantly evolving. In order to ensure you are using video most effectively, you must stay on top of the newest trends.

2018 was a pivotal year for video. We produced more than 100 new videos for our clients in the past year.

Here are a few ways we saw video change in the last 12 months:

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TV Commercial Production: Finding Captivating Stories in the Mundane

Posted by Liza Heiskell

Nov 20, 2018 3:38:57 PM

Now more than ever, I love commercials – in particular, commercials that tell a story.  I’m that person that puts down their phone to watch the commercial in between the big game or TV show.  Telling a really good story in 30 to 60 seconds is an art, and I admire the creatives who do it so well.

As a video producer of TV commercials and web videos, I find inspiration in those commercials that I love. I think about what has touched me, what has made me laugh, cry or inspired me and try to incorporate those elements into our commercial and video productions at InnerAction Media.

In the last few years, we have seen some really great TV and Internet advertising campaigns, and I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites and what I believe makes them effective:

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Video Marketing Statistics You Should Be Aware of

Posted by David Martinelli

Sep 11, 2018 10:57:27 AM

Nearly one third of online activity is spent watching videos.

Video marketing is a key component to the marketing mix. It is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to communicate with your target audience.

There are statistics that you need to be aware in order to distribute your message in the most effective and the most consumable way. These are statistics to help determine where you should you post your video, what device your audience is watching on and much more.

Read on to find the answers to these questions and how to best promote your video for the current marketing environment.

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Video Marketing Mistakes That Can Be Avoided

Posted by David Martinelli

Jul 24, 2018 4:10:13 PM

Video production is a powerful tool in the marketing industry because it allows you to present information to consumers in a unique and digestible way.

However, video marketing has a lot of moving parts, and with all these moving parts, mistakes are bound to happen. Sometimes mistakes are clearly our fault, but a lot of times, they occur due to technical difficulties or other circumstances.

Read on to learn about mistakes you might be making in video marketing and how you can avoid future mistakes.

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