Three Top WordPress Plugins for Website Design

Posted by Eric Tomlinson

Jan 5, 2022 3:54:47 PM

There are many options when choosing a platform to build your website. WordPress, by far, is the most popular. Its versatility and ease of use has separated it from other more traditional platforms and coding methods. Along with opening up opportunities for everyday business owners and individuals to build their website, WordPress has many third-party developers creating plugins which, as an easy way to describe it, are apps that work inside of WordPress just as apps work inside your phone or computer. Plugins, just like apps,  are there to enhance the overall experience and help in creating and bringing your vision to life. Some may be more trivial than others, but some are essential and should not be overlooked. There are 3 plugins that I always install when creating a WordPress site, Jetpack, Updraft Plus, and Yoast SEO.

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