Use SEO to Get Your Videos Found Online in Pennsylvania

Posted by Dylan Sheldon

Feb 22, 2017 2:09:03 PM

Who doesn’t like a good pirate movie? Captain Jack sailing the high seas, scouring the earth for Blackbeard’s lost treasure. Wait, I think I’ve seen that one once…or maybe eight times. It is an entertaining story. Unless you are Blackbeard and your “lost treasure” is the video you created for your business targeting your customer, “Captain Jack,” who has been scouring the high seas of the internet trying to find out what the heck your business actually does. Well that went south fast.

The point is, your videos are useless if they aren’t being found by your potential customers. And in larger markets like Pittsburgh, Pa., the likelihood of your videos being found organically, is slim to none. That is why creating videos with SEO in mind is essential. Here are five things you should be doing to increase the “find-ability” of your videos.

Produce Good Quality Videos

Videos that are well produced, entertaining, relevant and add value to viewers will attract interaction that leads to better SEO.

John Rampton from Forbes points to video views, length of views, positive reviews and comments as key factors in Google’s ranking strategy. When producing your video, look to create content that will motivate your viewers to like, comment, and share your piece. The greater the interaction with your video, the easier it will be found.

Use Titles, Descriptions and Tags

seo-to-get-your-videos-found-in-pennsylvaniaOften when a video is produced, edited and finally approved, the excitement of publishing your content to the world can cause you not to think critically about how you ought to publish it. Before you hit the upload button, create a title, description, and list of tags to accompany your video. Make sure that your title includes keywords and phrases that are highly searchable. For instance, “Use SEO to Get Your Videos Found Online in Pennsylvania” is a far better title than “Make Sure People Can Find Your Films.”

Tip: Using a detailed description and thorough tag list saturated with keywords will help your audience find your videos.

Use Captions on Social Media

Video captions are an age-old technology, but utilizing them on social media is a new concept. The idea behind social media captions is this - your audience will most likely watch your video on social feeds without volume. If you don’t caption them, theyseo-to-get-your-videos-found-in-pennsylvania won’t hear your messaging!

Adding the scrolling captions at the bottom of the video, a feature that most social platforms have integrated, will allow them to understand what the message of your film is, without hearing a sound. Facebook’s tests show that captioned video ads increase video view time by an average of 12%. 

Question: How many seconds of viewership are you losing to a lack of captions?

Create Intriguing, Informative Thumbnails

If your viewers were to stumble upon a small thumbnail of your video somewhere on the internet, what would you want them to seo-to-get-your-videos-found-in-pennsylvaniasee? Most video hosting sites offer the ability to upload your own thumbnail, giving you full control over your first impressions. We recommend using an image or vector that will give context to your video while adding text that directly correlates to your title. That way a potential viewer who is scrolling through a list of content can quickly see what your video is about in a way that is both pleasing to the eye and informative.


Always End with a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Adding a CTA to your video is beneficial for several reasons. CTAs promote engagement, they lead traffic to your site, and generate leads. But when attached to your video, they show search engines like Google that your videos are not only being viewed, but promoting action. Anytime your video leads to positive action (full watches, click-throughs, other video plays, etc.) your SEO is automatically boosted.

InnerAction Media | Video Production Morgantown, WV

There are many things you can do to increase the “find-ability” of your videos. Start with this list and see how it works for you.

At InnerAction Media, we employ tactics like these, and many others, to take the beautiful films we create for our clients and place them in front of their target audiences. We work diligently to create and promote content that is easily found. If you are further interested in Video production, SEO, or just need help getting your content found, give us a call! We would be happy to help.


Dylan Sheldon

Written by Dylan Sheldon

Dylan was raised in North Central West Virginia. He received a degree in broadcast communications with a specialization in cinematic arts from Liberty University in December 2013. Dylan delights in helping clients craft their stories in an effort to make sincere connections with their audience through the use of film. His experience in video production includes co-founding a marketing agency in 2012 and producing/directing several campus promotional pieces for the University. Dylan is a lover of frisbee, cheesy action movies and protein. He enjoys being outside with his wife Kelsey and their pup Scoop.

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