What Is The Website Development Process at InnerAction Media?

Posted by Eric Tomlinson

Feb 18, 2020 4:10:23 PM

All website developers have their process when taking on a new client. We, at InnerAction Media (IAM), are no different. At IAM, we take pride in our process and feel it makes the process smoother while also allowing us to focus on details that, without it, could be lost along the way.


We begin by meeting with the client. We talk with them about a number of topics to gain a better understanding of the clients, wants, needs and expectations.

Before this initial meeting, we ask the client to provide certain information to help the meeting be more productive and to help speed up the process. We send them an email asking for them to be ready to discuss or provide the following items:

  • Do you already have a website?
  • Do you already have a domain name? (If yes, please provide us login credentials and if no, please provide a few variations you would like to use.)
  • Do you currently have hosting for your website? (If yes, please provide us login credentials.)
  • Can you give us three examples of websites that you liked the design and/or layout?

Next, as we follow our Blueprint process, we talk with the client about the goals for the website.Website Development

Is the website going to be used for information, eCommerce, both or something else?

Following, we develop a mockup of the homepage from the information gathered from our meeting.

We then send the mockup, a PDF, to the client and make any adjustments they would like. This step is to get the design and color scheme right before building out pages.

Following approval from the client, we then build out the home page and again provide the client with the link so they can get a feel for the site and see if it is still providing the look and feel they desire.

When you finalize the homepage and the site is built, then another round of approval begins with the clients so they can make small tweaks to copy.

Once approved, the site is made LIVE and they are ready to conquer the business world.


Our team will take you through our process from concepts and strategy to the design and buildout. Ready to start your Website Design Project? Let’s start the process. Give us a call at 304-241-4959.


Eric Tomlinson

Written by Eric Tomlinson

Eric Tomlinson is a 1994 graphic design graduate from West Virginia University. He worked for 23 years for The Dominion Post as a graphic artist, web developer, photographer and illustrator. Eric enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter doing various activities that include playing sports, being outdoors, arts, crafts, watching movies and much more.

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