Why Blogging is Essential for SEO: How to Blog Well

Posted by Megan Fox

Nov 7, 2017 4:00:44 PM

If there’s one thing your small business needs, it’s a blog.

Understanding how to blog is relatively easy. The problem is sticking to it.

Why is blogging essential to your small business? How does blogging help SEO?

If you are in a competitive market, need more business or just want to crush your competitor down the street, you need an awesome blog.


Blogging can and will increase your standings in search engines. A good blog can be the difference between a number one ranking and a page two rating. Which one do you want?

Read on to learn more on how blogging effects SEO and seven ways you can ensure you get all your competitor’s business.

Why Blogging is Essential for SEO

Fresh Content

Fresh content is crucial to great SEO standings. Each blog post acts as a new indexed page on your site. The more blog posts you write, the more pages Google has to index. Simple enough.

Google looks for three things: relevant, reliable and recent content.

By posting many times a month (start with two blogs a month with a goal of writing weekly), Google is going to see you have “recent” down pat.

By writing around timely industry topics, Google will reward you for relevancy and place you higher in SEO rankings.

Lastly, by using other trustworthy sources, Google will reward you once again for your reliability.

Combined, your rankings in Google will be top notch.


Do not keyword stuff your blog post. Choose one or two specific, long tail keywords. Get in the heads of your potential customers. What would they be searching? For example, if you work in the home building industry, would a potential builder search for, “how to finance a home?” What about, “ranch-style home LOCATION?” The more specific you get, the more qualified the leads coming to your blog will be. 

It’s easier to choose your keyword ahead of time and then write your blog post around that long tail keyword. Be sure to include the keyword in the title of the blog post, headers and in the body of the text as well.

If you need some help determining good long tail keywords, do a Google search to see what is already popping up. At the bottom of the page, Google will list other suggested search terms.

Images and Video

Make sure to include images in your blog posts as well. By providing a name to your image (alt tag), you are ensuring Google will index this image. This image will appear in image search results with a link to the page it is on (your blog!) 

Use the long-term keyword you chose for your blog post for the image alt tag.

Like images, video gives you more dynamic content to share with your readers. Include videos that expand on your topic further.  

Back Linking

You can still benefit today from being linked and linking to other reputable sites. Make sure you are using quality sites that fit your blog’s style and messaging. If you’re linking just for the sake of linking, and if your blog appears on sites that have nothing to do with your company, you’ll get dinged from Google. Again — make sure the blogs you are linking in your own posts tie in to the content on that page.

Start by looking for similar companies in different markets that are killing it on social media. Reaching out to sites with authority in your industry can only build your reputation. Having your name and company endorsed by other reputable agencies, gives you more exposure, adds value to your words and increases your readership.  

Guest Blogging

In the same thread as back linking, guest blogging can be incredibly helpful as well. If you work with other reputable writers who are experts in the industry, they can only help you.

They are going to already have an existing following. Chances are, they are going to share their guest post to their social channels, which is going to increase traffic to your site. You never know who will be reading (potential customers, perhaps?!)

Make sure you screen potential guest bloggers. Interview them, and make sure their values add up to yours.

Social Media

Did you know that Google returns social media results? If you don’t have a business Facebook page or a LinkedIn profile, you should probably stop what you’re doing and create one.

By linking your blog to your Facebook page, LinkedIn or Twitter page, you give search engines one more way to find you. When optimized correctly, blog articles come with an image and a snippet that you can promote across many social media platforms. You’re going to be writing all these awesome posts, you need a way to get the word out! Be sure to include your chosen long tail keywords in the snippet.


One of the ways Google determines whether a piece of content is relevant is by looking at how many views or visits the content has received, so to make your blog post relevant, you need to get eyes on the content.

One simple way to do this is to promote your new blog post. By using Facebook Ads Manager, you are able to target specific groups of people. You can target specific ages, geographical locations, interests, likes, and get even more specific by choosing their income. Facebook Ads Manager has loads of tools to make sure your content is being seen by exactly the right people. 

Bonus Tips

  1. If you need help with topics, write posts around your most frequently asked questions.
  2. Use language anyone can understand.
  3. Break the post into sections: Intro, body and conclusion. Use catchy headers.
  4. Include bulleted and numbered lists to make the content more digestible.
  5. On occasion, bold, italicize or underline items of importance to better get your point across.
  6. Always include a Call to Action (CTA). What do you want your reader to do afterward? Call you? Download an eBook? Watch a video? Make sure you lay it out for them.

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