Why Get Started with a Marketing Campaign?

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Aug 14, 2018 2:46:37 PM

The word campaign is used in all sorts of contexts. In the days of antiquity, a campaign was a military conquest nations used to overtake their enemies. Today, we hear about political campaigns politicians use to sling mud at opponents from other parties and solidify their position on the ballot.

But what is a marketing campaign? And why should you start one for your company?

Hope is not a Strategy

The dictionary definition for a campaign is: work in an organized and active way toward a particular goal. A marketing campaign is just that: organizing your marketing efforts to incite a specific action and reach a goal. So often, company owners are distracted by the “ins” and “outs” of running a business that they fail to adequately plan their marketing. They end up winging it and hoping for the best. But hope, isn’t a very good strategy. That is why developing a marketing campaign by outlining messaging, content and goals is essential.


Developing a Marketing Campaign

At InnerAction Media, we have been developing successful marketing campaigns for our clients for years. We understand that creating a strategic marketing initiative is difficult for most busy company leaders. That is why we have worked to create a simple, effective plan for campaign development that we walk our clients through. In this plan we cover:

  • Target audiences
  • Messaging
  • Ad Budget
  • Content
  • Social media/Digital Advertising strategy

Target Audiences

A target audience, or buyer persona, is a fictional character that represents your ideal customer. Developing your target audience will inform how you develop messaging, choose social media platforms, create content, etc. You can begin to put a face to your target audience by asking questions like:

  • How old are they?
  • Are they male or female?
  • What jobs do they have?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are their interests?

By starting with your target audience, you will be able to create a more effective marketing campaign - your messaging will be more explicit, your advertising dollars will be more powerful, your content will be more relevant, and your strategies will be more strategized.


In a marketing campaign, messaging must be consistent and relevant. Launching a campaign containing several ads, with random messaging will be counterproductive.

  • What do you want your target audience to know?
  • What do you want your audience to do?

As difficult as it might seem, there should really only be one answer for each of those questions.

It is also important to remember to position your customer as the hero in your messaging. If your messaging is internally focused, your customers will feel alienated. Craft your messaging around your target audience, addressing the problems they experience and explaining how you are able to help, so that they will feel confident in choosing you as their guide.

Ad Budget

Determining an appropriate budget can be one of the most difficult steps for a business owner starting their own marketing campaign. How much should you spend? In the world of traditional media, larger budgets were required for every campaign. Thanks to digital marketing strategies and social media platforms, marketing campaigns can operate on a much smaller budget.

Facebook is a common medium to execute a marketing campaign on. When creating ads in Ads Manager, Facebook’s advertising platform, you are able to assign budgets to individual ads and update them in real time. At InnerAction Media, we run ads for our clients based on budgets as low as $100 a week and as high as $1000 a month. As we monitor the analytics for each advertisement, we determine whether to add to the budget, reduce the budget, or pull the ad completely.



Once you have a clear target audience, refined messaging, and a set budget, you are ready to decide on what type of content you would like to create. Here are a  few types of content we use regularly in marketing campaigns for our clients:

You could use one or all of these various content types. Depending on your goals, one content type might be more suitable than the others. Video is an excellent piece of content for engaging your audience. Blogs are effective tools to increase SEO. Landing pages, pillar pages and eBooks are good if you are hoping to increase leads. Each marketing campaign will have a slightly different mix of content depending on the desired results.

Social Media and Digital Advertising Strategy

You are nearly ready to begin your marketing campaign! The last step is developing a detailed promotion strategy on social media and the web. What social media platforms should you use? What websites should you target for inbound links? How often will you promote each advertisement you have created? These questions are all apart of the strategy of social media and digital advertising, and they can be answered with a well-crafted content calendar.

A content calendar is a tool used to outline the specifics of your marketing campaign promotion - it  is the road map you follow after the “campaigning” has begun. Here is a snapshot of a content calendar we used to successfully deploy a marketing campaign for one of our clients:

Content Calendar


Ready to Launch?

Hopefully it is now apparent, if you are a part of a business that could benefit from a more strategic advertising effort, a marketing campaign is right for you. Random advertisements with haphazard messaging may work for a time, (if you open your doors, keep the lights on, and wait, someone might wander in and buy from you too) but there is a better, more effective way to spend your time, energy and hard-earned money. Develop a marketing campaign with clear goals and a clear plan-of-action, and results are bound to follow.

InnerAction Media | Starting a Marketing Campaign

Are you struggling to narrow down on your target audience? Analyze facebook ad data? Or maybe you just don't have time to mess with a marketing campaign? We understand how challenging it can be for busy professionals to focus on strategic marketing when there are many other important tasks to be done. That is why we have developed a simple process, outlined in the above blog, that we walk our clients through.

At InnerAction Media, we have helped countless businesses focus on real marketing opportunities and find success by implementing this proven marketing strategy. And we would love to help you, too!

Dylan Sheldon

Written by Dylan Sheldon

Dylan was raised in North Central West Virginia. He received a degree in broadcast communications with a specialization in cinematic arts from Liberty University in December 2013. Dylan delights in helping clients craft their stories in an effort to make sincere connections with their audience through the use of film. His experience in video production includes co-founding a marketing agency in 2012 and producing/directing several campus promotional pieces for the University. Dylan is a lover of frisbee, cheesy action movies and protein. He enjoys being outside with his wife Kelsey and their pup Scoop.

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