Why You Need Professional Headshots for Your Company

Posted by Nick Hart

Apr 13, 2022 5:08:02 PM

Are you the type that thinks first impressions are overrated? Well, it may be time to change your opinion. Did you know? Recent studies have shown that human beings make a decision to trust someone within 100 milliseconds of seeing their face.


Are you ready to make that kind of an impression? Is your company? Sadly, most aren’t. 

Read on to get some of our best tips on improving your online presence and the importance of company headshots. 

Company Headshots: Reinforce Yourself

Have you ever been interviewed for a job or in need of help to find something in the grocery store? In both cases, you’re either being examined or examining the trustworthiness of someone else––and while potentially unfair, we all do it. In a matter of seconds, you can determine whether this person is worth your time. 

Headshots go a long way to settle the minds of your consumer base. With a smile and a short biography, it's your chance to prove to someone online that you’re one of them––that you went to college, that you have a family, and that you like dogs. 

Company Headshots: Reinforce Your Values

Marketing has also changed the way we evaluate. In the olden days, you would take a stroll through the neighborhood with your family and determine the niceness of a house according to its front door. Now, we look at the front door of your website. 

Does this company value the things I value? What do they care about? 

Headshots are a way of reinforcing your company’s value system. Your clients what to know how you can help them––your expertise, your training, your commitments. Locating these elements on your headshot page may indicate to the passerby that your company is a front door worth opening. 

Company Headshots: Reinforce Your Professionality

Have you ever explored a bad website? You know the one. It lacks information and personality, and it's devoid of any functionality. Worst of all, the style is something of a 2000s PowerPoint motif. 

Not only will headshots prove to your clients that professionalism matters to you, but also that you care. It’s not hard to spend a little extra time and money updating your site to reflect the times. Conversely, no headshots may communicate something else––laziness. 

Trust us, your clients notice. 

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Nick Hart

Written by Nick Hart

Nicklaus was born and raised in Elkins, West Virginia. He holds a Bachelor of Communication from Fairmont State University, with an emphasis in Digital Media and Marketing. A professor of his would often ask, “Who is your audience and what do you want them to know?” He affectionately awaits to learn your story and let it be known. Nicklaus is the husband of Brooke, and father to Ezra and Eli. He has an aversion to most hobbies but likes to convince himself that he’s one hiking sticker on the back of his car away from being a true outdoorsman. He and his family happily serve as members of their local church

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