When it comes to your marketing efforts right now, do you feel like you have a clear, compelling message that will resonate with your customers?  Or do you feel like your message is stale, uninspired and just plain not working? 

The right message is critical in today’s marketing. How do you cut through the constant media chaos and noise? 

You see it every day.  Companies, when describing what they do, are unclear.  After a few minutes on their website, watching a video, reading about them, or hearing their “elevator pitch,” you have no idea what they are all about. It’s just noise.

It’s our belief that people - almost always - buy things because of words they hear or read.

Just think about that for a minute.

I can almost guarantee that is true for the last thing you purchased. Maybe it was a Google review. Or a newspaper ad. A radio commercial. Or perhaps you saw a Facebook advertisement and clicked a “BUY” button. Maybe, you heard a favorable recommendation from a friend and that “word of mouth” mention spurred you on to purchase the thing you bought. In marketing, WORDS are important. 

So if it’s true that people buy things - almost always - because they heard or read WORDS that made them want to buy things, then the words we use to market our brands really matter.  It's the way we talk about our products that move our products and services.

Those words - are the STORY of your brand.

We need to tell stories that help our potential customers survive and thrive in life.

That’s why at InnerAction Media, we believe that there are 7 elements of great story telling that can help you clarify your marketing message and grow your business.

The concepts are not new. These are proven, time-tested and useful principles that have been used for centuries to tell compelling stories.

In this media overload we live in today, it’s essential for you to clarify your message so your customers will listen. That’s a breakthrough idea. And, an idea I’m on fire for these days.

IAM Story Framework Infographic-02.jpg7 Elements to a great story:

  1. The customer is the HERO. Not your brand.
  2. Companies tend to sell solutions to external problems. Customers buy solutions to internal problems
  3. Customers aren't looking for another hero. They’re looking for a guide.
  4. Customers trust a guide who has a plan.
  5. Customers do not take action unless they are challenged to take action. 
  6. Every human being is trying to avoid a tragic ending.
  7. Never assume people understand how your brand can change their lives. Tell them.

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Obviously, There is way more to it than just reading these 7 Elements. 

Understanding that there is a simple process is the first step to defining your story and creating a simple, creative and compelling marketing message that your customers will listen and respond to.

I hope this stirs something in you to think about the way your messaging is being delivered. Are you part of the noise that consumers are tuning out? Or are you on-point and telling great stories that will grow your business? 

If you would like learn more, let’s talk.  I have guided hundreds of companies just like yours over the past 29 years.  I’d like to help you learn how to be a better marketer as well.  Our plan is simple. 

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Thanks for reading!


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