The Northern WV Brownfields Assistance Center (NBAC) at West Virginia University (WVU), partnered with InnerAction Media (IAM) in 2019 to produce two videos that showcase Morgantown, Fairmont (Coming Sept.), Star City and the surrounding areas along the Monongahela River. The Monongahela River, known locally as the Mon, is 130 miles and runs from North Central West Virginia to southwestern Pennsylvania.

“The Mon River is a really great ecological and recreational asset with the potential to be the place where people look forward to visiting in their free time. Although the Mon Riverfront was originally developed to serve the area’s glass and coal industries, many of these facilities have been repurposed for human enjoyment. We want people to know that now they can come down to the river and eat, drink, shop, run, bike, paddle, fish, or whatever it is that adds quality to your life, because the Mon River is a place to come and play!” said Anna Withrow, Brownfield Redevelopment Specialist. “Our first goal was to educate the community on this vast resource sitting in their backyard; our second goal was to make outside visitors aware of what our Mon River Towns have to offer.”

The Solution

From kayaking and biking, eating good food and drinking thirst-quenching craft beers, to spending quality time with the family at an outdoor community event featuring live concerts, there are many ways to prove that the river is not only safe but fun for all ages.  

The promotional videos will be used to bring attention to the many activities, restaurants and outdoor happenings for people to enjoy along the Mon. The companies and institutions worked together, spending months and many hours on gathering and editing footage for both videos. The IAM team coordinated and filmed with multiple businesses and locations on the Mon river, including:

  1. Abildso Family Paddleboard Shoot (Aerial and Ground Filming)
  2. Large Group Kayak (Aerial and Ground Filming)
  3. Bourbon Prime 
  4. Table 9 Shoot 
  5. Handcrafted Arts Festival 
  6. Decker's Creek Shoot
  7. Morgantown Running Shoot 
  8. Wamsley Cycles Shoot 
  9. Giuliani Family Canoe and LockHouse Studio Shoot
  10. Mountain State Brewing Company Shoot 
  11. Fishing Shoot 
  12. Morgantown Brewing Co.  IPA Festival
  13. Morgantown Brewing Co.  Brewing Footage 
  14. River tour with Dion 
  15. Palatine Park Shoot 
  16. Short Story Brewing Co.
  17. Prickett's Fort 
  18. TugBoat Depot and Terra Cafe 
  19. Core Arboretum 

“The Mon River is so under-appreciated and underutilized. During production, I felt inspired to get out and do more on the river. Talking with people, setting up video shoots and getting out there to see what people are doing made me realize how much the river and surrounding area truly has to offer and how easy it is to access. I hope watching the video has the same effect on viewers,” said Liza Heiskell, IAM Video Producer.

For More Information

For more information on all of the entities that came together to produce these two videos, click below:



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