It doesn’t have to be this way.

When I founded InnerAction Media in 2011, my team set out to create a different kind of advertising and marketing agency.  

We wanted to build a company built on serving people. We wanted to prove our return on the investment they make with our team.

InnerAction Media is a small business, just like yours.  So, we understand the importance of having marketing messages that cut through the noise and gets your company more business.  That’s how we’ve been able to thrive the past 9 years.

The stakes are too high to have your marketing fail.  We can help you avoid failure.

Our team members have extensive experience in media, video, content, digital, advertising and marketing.  We have talented, hard-working and dedicated employees.  We take personal responsibility for our clients success. 

During the past 9 years, some of the most trusted companies in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ohio have entrusted IAM to handle their marketing programs.  

We would appreciate the opportunity to help your company WIN.

Let’s talk.

—Jim Matuga
    Founder, President