Why IAM?

When Michael Arbogast and myself founded InnerAction Media in 2011, we set out to create a different kind of advertising and marketing agency.  

We wanted to build a company built on serving clients. We wanted to—not just talk about results—we wanted to prove results.

We both have an extensive background in media, advertising and marketing.  We have talented, hard-working and dedicated employees.  We take personal responsibility for our clients success.

Today, marketing is not as much about selling as it is educating potential customers of yours. That is why we believe 100% that content is the backbone of effective marketing strategies. That is why we have forged the concept of brand journalism.

In addition, we have developed proven processes such as our content development process. Download it here.

If you value hard working people, educated professionals, and creative thinking, if you value excellence and results, we should meet and see if there is synergy between our companies.

Let’s talk.